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Fishing Finesse

Expert Guidance for Novice & Pro Alike

For those new to the world of fishing, out experienced guides provide patient instruction on essential skills, from learning tides and how important they are to bait selection. We believe that learning the fundamentals should be as enjoyable as the catch itself. Our charters offer a supportive environment for beginners to build confidence and develop a love for the art of angling.

For the seasoned anglers seeking to enhance their expertise, “Fishing Finesse” goes beyond the basics. Our expert guides bring a wealth of knowledge about local ecosystems, fish behaviour, and advanced fishing techniques. Whether you’re pursuing elusive tyee fish or refining your finesse in lure presentation, our charters provide a platform for continuous learning and improvement.

Join us for a fishing adventure that combines education and excitement. Sports Fishing is not just a charter; it’s an opportunity to hone your skills, connect with fellow anglers, and immerse yourself in the thrill of the catch. Book your trip today and experience the finesse of fishing like never before!

Expert Guides

Knowledgeable and experienced guides who know the local waters, ensuring a safe and successful fishing experience.

Family-Friendly Atmosphere

A welcoming environment for anglers of all ages, with family-friendly outings and the chance for kids to learn and enjoy the experience.

Seasons Planning

Expert advice on the best seasons for specific catches, helping anglers plan their trips for optimal success.

Comfort & Safety

Emphasis on safety protocols, including well-maintained vessels, proper safety gear and experienced crew, ensuring a secure and enjoyable outing.


Stories from Our Fishing Trips

Wow! Who knew fishing could be so fun! The owner/operator of this charter took care of every detail and ensured we hauled in our limit of halibut and salmon. Watched whales, porpoises and otters surface from below while eagles circled above. Incredible experience from start to finish – returning home with a cooler of fish! Thanks Gibby and crew!

Kyla Hartnell, Guest
These are the best in Port Hardy!!! They have the best guides and equipment. They always get you to the fish!! We limited out on Salmon and Halibut in one day of fishing. It was truly amazing. Chad is great guy and runs a fantastic operation. If you are going fishing in Port Hardy, these are your guys!!
Kevin McDonald, Guest
Fantastic 3 days of fishing with Wade last week. Chad’s Coastwide is a class act…great service, top-notch equipment, and superb local knowledge. We will be back…
Doug Temoin, Guest
Best saltwater fishing experience I’ve ever had. Love the fact that every day you get to catch salmon, halibut and bottomfish! Good boats, great guides, and a unique business model. Can’t wait to come back!
John Kruse, Guest

These guys are great, will definitely be back as soon as I can. My Dad, brother, and I spent three days fishing with our guide Bryan who was amazing and a lot of fun. Best guide/boat captain I have ever fished with.

Fishing with Chads was great since he takes care of the fishing, hotel, food, etc. The hotel Chad books is literally at the dock, awesome view and convenience! You show up to the boat in the morning and your lunch and snacks are already on board! After a long day of fishing they take the fish to be fileted and freezer packed, too easy.

Caught the biggest salmon and halibut of my life on this trip, and amazing lingcod too. Price was extremely reasonable especially after converting to US currency.

Would go fishing with any of Chads guides but will be asking for Bryan next time I come up!

Brian Moyer, Guest